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      2. Property Management

        Property Management FRM owns two national qualified Class-I property management enterprises that manage over 200 medium & large-scale public administrative and commercial projects. It is a pioneer in the Chinese administrative and logistic property overall-entrustment field. With ups and downs over the past twenty years, it hasextracted best practices from international top-grade enterprises in related sectors and created its own unique corporate advantages.

        In 1993,
        CHILAND PROPERTY advanced in big strides;
        High-quality professional management model;
        Infusion of Chinese traditional culture;
        The integration of Eastern humanistic characteristics with Western service etiquette;
        Formed CHILAND characteristic property service model;

        In 2000,
        The advanced property management model was introduced from Hong Kong;
        Thorough comprehensive management service;
        Rich property management consulting service;
        Lighted bright innovation sparks;

        In 2002,
        ISO9001 international quality system certification;

        In 2003,
        ISO14000 international environment quality system certification;

        There are more than 10 subsidiaries and branches
        Public Utilities;
        Retail Industry;
        Property Management Consulting Services;
        and others