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      2. Company Profile

        FRM INVESTMENT HOLDING GROUP CORPORATION (Hereinafter referred to as FRM) is a comprehensive enterprise group that has over 30 subsidiaries including wholly-owned companies, holding companies, and joint stock companies. FRMs businesses include mining investment and development, real estate development, financial investment, property management, consulting, philanthropy, as well as other ventures. After two decades, FRM has assets and potential resources of up to RMB 10 billion (US...

        Business Management
        Business Model: Two Main Lines: Maintain sustainable growth in our four core businesses segments of mining, finance, real estate and property management and at the same time promote the acceleration of industrial transition and upgrade to cultivate new business segments. Three Kinds of Relationship: Focus on the interactions between industrial organizations, markets, and industries in a continuously developing business environment. Build value networks that have tremendous growth potential by constantly extending throughout the entire value chain. Four platforms...
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        Corporate Culture
        Our Vision: Build a sustainable international enterprise that is an industry leader with remarkable social value. Our Mission: Create Value; Have Successful Employees; Contribute to Society Core value: Integrity; Win-Win; Responsibility; Innovation; Brilliance Corporate Spirit: Be united with one heart and one mind, have the courage to be pioneers, be diligent dedicated, efficient pragmatic. ...
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